Runtime exception over checked exception in java

When should you create a custom runtime exception??

You can create unchecked exceptions by subclassing RuntimeException whenever your method needs to signal a programming error.

For example there is some method which takes an int argument,performs some operation using that argument and returns. Now it is always a good practice to throw an IllegalArgumentException in the beginning of the method for method arguments that shouldnt be null , so that later you dont have to traverse the method to look what went wrong. Now this exception IllegalArgumentException should be a runtime exception as this is a programming error , user cannot do anything about it and you dont want to write a try catch in every other method where you throw this exception .

Business exceptions should be declared as checked exception as the user can always come out of that exception , like suppose a user tries to book a train ticket and somehow the booking fails in that scenario you wont give user an application error page but will ask to try after some time, such exceptions can be checked exceptions.

Kindly let me know your views on this by posting comments. Thanks 🙂